Technology and Development

An average of 300 new products every year and the follow up of technological developments, plays a key role in the growth of PECOL AUTOMOTIVE. Thus, the Engineering Department has a team of highly qualified engineers with know-how acquired through increasingly complex projects and training. The growth and development of the Department allows an increasing capacity for innovation and development of new products and solutions, with which PECOL AUTOMOTIVE can satisfy all customer requirements.


PECOL AUTOMOTIVE basic rule is the intensive analysis of production feasibility of new parts, studying them deeply and deciding the best equipment, tools and investments to be applied. With this feasibility analysis, the company manages to match all customer requirements and ensure their satisfaction.
From the conception phase of a new project, all the company’s efforts are directed towards learning, continuous improvement, sustainability and trust of partners, in order to achieve a successful industrialization.


Desde a fase de conceção de um novo projeto, todos os esforços da empresa são direcionados no sentido da aprendizagem, da melhoria continua, da sustentabilidade e da confiança dos parceiros, para que a industrialização de um produto seja bem-sucedida.

I & D

Equipped with the latest technology in all processes and as well as with complementary companies within the group, the PECOL AUTOMOTIVE’s mission is to serve the customer with a complete process control, from design and production of tool to 100% sorting of all parts.