Production Process

PECOL AUTOMOTIVE is equipped with modern production means and state of the art technology, which enables us to produce parts from diameter 2 mm to 32 mm and to reach a maximum length of 325 mm. With this extended range of resources we can cover a wide range of standard and special parts.
The profound know-how acquired throughout the company lifetime allows our production to work various types of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and copper.
The decision to build an integrated project led PECOL AUTOMOTIVE to have all its production process in-house and a production capacity of 2,000 Tons/month.

01 - Raw Material Pickling and Phosphating

02 - Wire drawing
Trefilagem em Linha

03 - Cold Forming

04 - Threading

05 - Second Operations
Operações Adicionais

06 - Heat Treatment
Tratamentos Térmicos

07 - Surface Treatment
Tratamentos de Superfície

08 - Sorting 100% and Packaging
Selecção e Embalagem